The Doodle has made such progress and although quirky, he is becoming so normal. Kind of.

He does so many things a typically "normal" 3 year old would do. He loves to run and climb and play. He loves to play ball. He loves to be chased and tickled. He loves Cheerios and Yoplait yogurt. He loves to be outdoors. He loves to go to school on the school bus. He loves baths. He loves kisses and hugs. He loves Dora the Explorer and pumpkins. He loves to dance. And, now that he isn't having 50 seizures a day--his development is progressing at a much better rate.

If the Doodle would just talk, he would almost be normal. I want so much to hear that little voice. But, I will gladly take him as he is and love the pieces out of him, mute or not. The most important thing over the last nine months has been to get the seizures under control. And they seem to be under control. He's only had 3 little seizures since September. We still take it day by day and I'm not going to give up on the power of prayer.

Before the seizures I wanted to fix the autism. I wanted him to be a normal little boy without any kind of handicap or development issues. Now, I can see the forest through the trees. The Doodle's epilepsy put my priorities in fast order, showing me how insignificant his autistic traits are in comparison to his quality of life and his seizure control. In a short period of time, I was dealt a hand I had never imagined. I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel and I was so very hopeless. Now, I am just grateful and blessed to have our happy, autistic Doodle back.

He may never be typical, normal or mainstream but he is special and unique and we will always love him no matter what. We accept the Doodle Bug for who he is now and forever no matter what that might look like in the future. Once I stopped making myself crazy with the autism diagnosis, I could breathe. But, that didn't happen until the epilepsy came along and slapped the shit out of me. It was my wake up call and if anything good came from the seizure disorder it would be how much I realized I am not in control of things and that I need to be more accepting. It's not to say I won't do everything I can to help the Doodle learn and adjust and live a productive life, I'm just not going to be certifiable about it.

Thank you all for your prayers, I know deep down they have helped not just the Doodle but me as well.

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