Wide Open

Can you believe this is my husband? Pretty good for a 52 year old! He's getting some serious air.

All three of my boys have a common thread and connection. They all love riding dirt bikes. It's something Jim has been doing most of his life and has naturally passed along to his boys.
Jimmy has been riding since he was four, three actually if you count the little battery operated quad he used to ride. And he seems to love the sport just as much as his dad or because of his dad. It's a huge bonding thing with them. They go on overnight trips to the dirt bike track and stay in the motorhome. When they're not riding, they're talking about riding and watching races. They also love going to the super cross and national races and watching the big guys ride. These are memories Jimmy will have forever about being with his dad in this way.
Jimmy just got a new Honda CR85 and is doing really great on it. They go riding at different tracks each weekend and Jimmy is riding on the big track now. Kind of scary. But also pretty cool and exciting.

It amazes me how much Jimmy looks up to his dad. He really is his hero.

And the Doodle Bug loves riding on the little 50 with his dad too. He's completely got the throttle action down, he rolls it on and off gently like a true rider might. And, he's already wearing a helmet so what the hay.

As a mom, it completely freaks me out. It's hard for me, I'm torn because they have this incredible bond together and enjoy it but it's such a dangerous sport that I can't help but worry. I'm always asking them why can't they take up something like Golf? Or Chess? And, yet I would never want them to stop doing something they love to do; especially when it means they are together.

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