Today was about a lot of nothing. It was nice to have a day off and not have to be anywhere. No appointments. No school. No work. No errands. The only time I left the house today was to bring Jim a spare set of his keys because Jimmy locked the keys in the truck. I didn't even put a bra on. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Sundays because while I am happy to have the day off, most of my day is ruined thinking about all I have to do at work on Monday(s).

I had the edges bound on the carpet that was donated to us from Conklin brothers. It's actually really nice carpet. Carpet I would have totally picked out myself. Today's big project was figuring out where I was going to strategically place them over the Doodle traffic areas in the house since our floor is almost all tile. This required forethought, a little math and the moving of furniture. It also required 16 rolls of double stick tape. These carpets are now very stuck to the tile and I would have to consider them semi-permanent and not in the most attractive way. But they serve a very important function and purpose, to help keep the Doodle Bug safe. Or rather, safer if and when he has a seizure.Speaking of seizures, he has been almost seizure free. He had a small head-drop a week ago Thursday and he had a staring type of seizure at school on Friday. But besides those, the seizure have seemed to back way off. Yay.

So today was pretty boring really. I took a nap and worked on a few painting projects I've been wanting to get to. Oh, and I cannot forget that tonight was garbage night where we spend our quality family time. Exciting stuff so I applaud your tenacity if you're still reading this....If you're lucky, maybe tomorrow I can tell you about our exciting morning yesterday spent at the Saturday Sutter Heath clinic so that Jimmy could get his knee checked out. Really bad directions and 2 1/2 hours with a Doodle in a nonchild friendly waiting room with an aquarium is not a good thing. Nor was my argument with the stupid nurse who wanted me to leave the autistic epileptic toddler in the waiting room alone. Throw in the stinkiest poopy pants the Doodle could muster and I think we will now have to find a new doctor.

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