He Has Spoken!

Today the Doodle said his very first real word. Kind of.
He already says a form of Hi or Hiya or Hey when he sees you but today he said a very distinct and purposeful "STOP" while he was doing his sign for stop...You can only imagine my delight and excitement when I recieved the text message from his nurse Lou Lou. She said it was very clear and that she wasn't imagining it because the other teachers in the class heard him say it. They all clapped and cheered and praised him.
It does seem like he's been making more and more sounds, he has a very cute "teeech-teeeech-teeech" he says and he does a "buahhhh".
I'm so happy that maybe there is hope for a talking Doodle Bug. I've always wondered what his little voice might sound like when he wasn't screaming for something. We've never known how this would play out whether or not he would be nonverbal his whole life or if he was just taking his time. Jimmy was a very late talker and didn't talk until 2 1/2 or 3 years. The difference is, Jimmy was a babbling fool making all kinds of sounds and trying to talk, whereas the Doodle is vowel sounds only--he's the strong silent type.
I wouldn't even care if he spoke Dora the Explorer at this point. Bring on the Hola and Vamonos and Azul! I'm just glad his first word wasn't a swear word:)

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