Spontaneous Combustion

Every once in a while the Doodle will do something so normal that it completely surprises us and we almost forget he is autistic. He has the ability to be spontaneous! I'm so used to watching him handle situations so much differently than you might expect and with such quirkiness that when he does something like a "normal" child might, without freaking out or addressing his sensory issues, it surprises US.

Last night we were outside enjoying the backyard and the sprinklers came on.

The Doodle took one look at us and ran straight out onto the grass. He was having the best time playing in the sprinklers. He was giggling and laughing and only got mad when we made him stop because it was getting too cold for him.

Could the absence of seizures contribute to him handling things better? Or is he just getting older and more mature? I'm still scratching my head. I think with the Doodle I will always be scratching my head. He is our adorable little quirky mystery that I may never be able to figure out; and I am ok with that. I have to be.

Doodle Bug Seizure Update

P.S. the Doodle had one little head drop seizure this morning in bed...nothing earth shattering but he officially broke his 8 day seizure free streak. Sigh.

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