The Language of God

By Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Do you know what

Language God speaks?

God speaks Every-Language.

That's because God made

Everyone and gave

Everyone different languages.

And, God understands all of them.

And, do you know what is God's

Favorite language?

God's favorite language is

Not grown-up's language,

But the Language of Children.

that's because children are special to God.

Children know how to share,

And they never lose

Their Heartsongs.

I have this book and I read it to feel better. It is my ONE go-to book that makes me laugh and cry and helps me put things into perspective.

It's easy to read therapy for the heart and soul.

This book is filled with incredibly inspirational and beautiful poetry written my a little boy in a wheel chair with Muscular Dystrophy, Mattie J.T. Stepanek. I first saw him on Oprah and was completely mesmerized by his outlook and wisdom considering all he had been through. He was wise and kind beyond his years.

I've been thinking about God a lot these days and searching. Searching for answers and guidance, I keep waiting for a bell to go off or bright light to shine upon me to understand what my purpose is here and to make sense of why this is happening to the Doodle.

Today the Doodle received an official Blessing. And I am hoping and praying and believing with every fiber of my being. I have to.

I can't imagine what Mattie must have gone through but clearly his purpose was to touch millions of people's lives by leaving a profound impression on them, as he did with me. He was the best little role model. If you haven't read any of Mattie's poetry, you really should:

I can only hope such greatness and understanding will come someday from our little Doodle Bug and his journey.

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  1. Angie- We have this book. It is incredible. I always think about his mom and how she copes with having lost so many of her babies.