My Labor of Love

Labor day always makes me think of labor pains for some reason. And, it's because of those blood curdling screams and extreme pain which I endured that I am blessed with two precious little boys and one 52 year old big boy...see for yourself:

The Doodle is 8 days seizure free and I couldn't be more ecstatic. I'm getting braver with him and not being his complete shadow whenever he takes a step. I'm letting him run around independently more...still wearing his helmet of course; although I'm still waiting for a seizure to happen. I can't begin to tell you how much easier it is to watch him and let him play and walk by himself without holding onto his hand or the back of his shirt. It's hard being someone's safety net 24/7. Like it's not hard enough being a parent and there aren't other responsibilites freaking me out. He's much happier with the arrangement too.

Speaking of shadows, we took a walk today and he learned what his shadow was although I'm not sure he really understands it. He can point to it and he tries to run to get away from it. He also loves pointing to the grapes.

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