School is Cool

Unless you're a Doodle Bug and you have multiple seizures a day then I'm thinking it might not be so cool.

What to do? Where to send him? Should he go at all?

These are the questions that plague me; keeping me awake at night, amongst other things like what our future holds. I want so much for him to experience preschool and it is a special education environment where they are supposed to be equipped and adept to handling Doodle Bugs. Except, I can't help but be apprehensive shipping him off to a classroom that might be an unsafe and a non-nurturing environment for him. Who will be there to give him the hugs he needs?

Of course I want him to learn and blossom and grow; if that is possible and I'm more than willing to be patient and understand his limitations. I have embraced his limitations and have fully accepted the Doodle for who he is; quirks and all. That's not to say I do not have hopes and dreams for him. I do. I have just had to reorganize my dreams for him.

We do not have the seizures under control yet and I'm not sure we ever will. So it's not a matter of waiting until when...because that may never be. He's still so little and fragile and I would never forgive myself if something bad happened to him at school and I wasn't there.

And, don't even get me started on the short bus again.

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