"I'm Borrrrrrrreeeeeed"

If I have to hear from Jimmy one more time about how bored he is this summer I think I might go out for a pack of cigarettes and not come back (and I don't even smoke). I told him, "I'm sorry, I can't understand you, I don't speak whinese" He said, "But, Mommmmm" and I said, "What's a ButtMom? Now, stop whining before I call you a whambulance."

He's had, what seems to me, a pretty darn good summer; considering he has a very sick little brother who's having multiple seizure a day and two parents that work full time. We're not a big week or two take your family on a vacation kind of people, we're more your take a 3 day weekend here and there and go somewhere easy, manageable and close like Yosemite or Disneyland. Oh, and we do have a Disneyland trip planned in 3 1/2 months...

So let's recap the last two months poor, deprived, bored Jimmy has had to endure by doing nothing more than watching paint peel.
We bought a new boat and have taken him to the lake at least 6 or 7 times.

Tonight he learned to wake board. Pretty boring I guess.

We've been to the beach a few times.

He had a Jimmy and Dad only day at Scandia playing miniature golf, hitting in the batting cages and riding the go-karts followed with Lunch at In and Out Burger.

He got a trip to foggy San Francisco.

He's gone dirt bike riding with his dad a whole bunch of times.

He gets to stay up late and sleep in with NO HOME WORK due.

He got a Jimmy only overnight trip to the Gilroy Outlets to go school clothes shopping and got a butt load of news clothes. And met his dream girl...

He got a day at Marine World with his friends.

He got his room re-organized and redecorated with new bedding, etc.

He got to go to a really cool skate board camp and get taught to skate by one of the old school pros, Ron Allen.

He saw numerous movies this summer: Transformers, GForce, My Sister's Keeper, 17 Again.

He been taken to dinners and lunches and breakfasts at some of his favorite restaurants.

He got to hang out with his favorite cousin.

He got to rent and also buy new video games for his Play Station 2 and had hours and hours of time to play...when he should have been READING.

He got to have multiple play dates with his friends.

And let's not forget his miserable night at the fair.

How spoiled does he have to be? I don't know how to tell him that he's got it pretty made for a 9 year old without sounding like one of those parents who used to walk to school barefoot in the snow and eat ice for dinner. But I do remember my summers consisting of a lot of nothing to do and being bored. Isn't that just part of being a kid?

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