Today I was going through Jimmy's old clothes. I'm a packrat and have saved some of his better quality clothing over the years with the Doodle in mind. With preschool starting next week I thought I would go through the old bins of clothes and pull some things out. It made me so sad.

I'm pulling out these size 4 things Jimmy used to wear and while it doesn't seem that long ago, it is a GIGANTIC reminder of how far behind the Doodle really is.

What? You're not supposed to compare your kids development? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. But I'm only human and it's hard and it's sad for me. I can remember exactly how coordinated, talkative, smart, healthy and I'm going to be honest and say it and probably get shot but, completely NORMAL Jimmy was when he was this size.

I guess I will try to find the good in the handmedowns. The Doodle is growing and filling out so fast. He's thicker but not taller than Jimmy was at this age. He's a solid little tank.

On a lighter, less depressing note. Jim was off today so we took a ride out to the Beach. Jim's never been a beachy kind of guy, but it was so hot and the Doodle was miserable so we thought it might break up the monotony of his head drop seizure kind of day. So we lathered him up with sunscreen, brought some snacks and hit the waves. The water on our coast is freezing, well, pretty cold anyway. He liked getting his feet wet in an overstimulated freak out kind of way. That crazy kind of likes it so much he hates it but doesn't want to stop Doodle way.

Jimmy was having fun with a new friend in the water and didn't want to leave and can we blame him? It seems we're always cutting things short or we have to leave just when he's getting into something. So, I took the Doodle (aka the fun wrecker) up to the car while Jim and Jimmy played in the water for a while longer.

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