Now You See It...

Now you don't.

Thank you for all of your emails. I've received an overwhelming number of emails concerned about the "shower door" incident and how Jimmy is so I thought I would give a quick update and post a couple of pictures of what used to be the shower door. If you look closely you can see the spots where his feet were underneath the broken glass before I picked him up and shook the glass off of him.

I get a little sick to my stomach to even think of how bad it could have been. I would call this a freak accident but you would need to know the story behind our contractor and our experience building this house to fully understand.

Jimmy was very lucky. Someone was watching over him because he walked away with just a few small cuts from so much broken glass. He's a little traumatized and now prefers baths, but completely fine. I can't even imagine if the Doodle would have been in there. He wouldn't have known to stay still and even though I would have probably been in there with him, I don't know how I could have stopped him from cutting himself on the millions of pieces of broken glass.

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