A Doodle Kind of Day

Today was a perfect day.
The Doodle was happy and seizure free.
I was getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow and came across his Backyardigan's Tyrone costume from last year. The Doodle loves the Backyardigans. He couldn't wear the costume or go trick or treating because he had just broken his leg and was in a full leg cast. I guess he could have gone as a "Toddler with a Broken Leg" but how overdone and completely unoriginal. I wanted to put this on him before he outgrew it and get a picture to scrapbook.

Ta Da.He doesn't mind the hat, I guess since he wears a helmet every day, he's pretty used to having something weird on his head. He just looks up to something in this one. Like he's plotting something shady. Like how he's going to stay up all night and make us watch cartoons.It's almost 11:00 pm, do you think he's even close to going to sleep???
I wish every day could be a seizure free Doodle kind of day.

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