Father's Day

I'd tell Jim Happy Father's Day today, but he's gone--riding with Jimmy. I told him to knock himself out that it's about time he takes the entire day and go do something fun for himself, Doodle-Free...and then I remembered that he does that almost every Sunday anyway. I can't wait for him to get home so I can give him his crossed out birthday card turned into a father's day card and giant Mother's Day Mylar balloon like I so thoughtfully received for Mother's Day. It's amazing what a sharpie will do. We've been together long enough to where I can do this and not feel bad about it; plus which, he got the Lady Antebellum cd and a real father's day card from us earlier. I'm not that cheeseball.

Got up this morning, had my coffee and took the Doodle to run some errands. I wanted to go to one of my favorite discount stores, Ross. I'm quite the frugal decorator; not snobby at all about where I shop. I actually love flea markets and garage sales. So I found these perfect Waverly Balloon shades in chocolate and blue for my bedroom at Ross but I could only find one. Today I was going to go back and see if I could find two more, because I need 3. I put the Doodle Bug in the car and before I could get to the freeway he was asleep. I decided not to wake him up so I thought I would just drive to the next city where they had a Ross. He kept sleeping so I kept driving. I ended up driving almost an hour South to the Sausalito Ross. He woke up, well rested and ready to hate shopping. Am I crazy? Yes. And determined.

I desperately searched every single Ross between our house and Sausalito, five to be exact, looking for these stupid Balloon shades. Four hours later we made it home. I found a valance in the same Waverly fabric but not the balloon shade I had hoped for. And, it's not like Ross is the type of store where you can call them and ask them to check their stock for you. There seems to be a language barrier and they are not the most helpful or friendly clerks I have ever met. I think there is new rule at Ross to only have one or two check out lines going at one time because in all 5 Ross Stores the line was at least 15 deep.

Well I better go, I promised Jim and Jimmy I would make brownies and who am I to deny them of chocolate?

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