That's the Way He Rolls (slides)

Either the Doodle had a great or awful time on the waterslide today. I still can't tell. I think the Autism Police are going to show up at our house for torturing our special kid because he was laughing so hard he was crying. He had the best time (I think) and didn't want to stop. But he was doing that nervous laugh/cry so I started getting a little freaked out that he was way overstimulated. He had two seizures out there on the waterslide but didn't get hurt. Then he screamed his little-wet-helmet-free head off when we brought him inside. He kept pointing outside and doing the sign for MORE. Now we have to hide it. His lips were blue, he was shivering and it was time to stop. Not sure how soon I will be busting out the water slide again.

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