The Tasmanian Devil

Well, the new medicine from Stanford is making the Doodle nuts. He's like like the Exorcist minus the split pea soup. He's very aggressive, highly agitated, whines nonstop and won't sleep. And, he had another grand mal seizure today so it's not even doing it's *&^%ing job.

I called our Neurologist and we are taking him off the new one effective immediately. He reminded me we need to do some blood tests next week since we put him on the other potentially life-threatening medicine to make sure it has not shut his liver down. I can't believe they have had him on six different anti-seizure medications and none have worked and all have severe or devastating side-effects. It's all too much for one little body to take.

I'm trying to remain optimistic but it is not in my blood. I even showered today and put on Clinique's "Get Happy" perfume. Note to self: It's not working either. %#*&ing perfume. *&^%ing medicine. $#%&ing seizures. I just want my quirky baby back.

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