S e i z u r e S a v v y

And he was doing so well. I thought the new medicine might actually be working or that we were waking up from this nightmare. Wishful thinking.

Today at 5:40 a.m. the Doodle had a grand mal seizure that lasted nearly 2 minutes. This seizure was one of the worst I’ve seen. I kept waiting for it to stop and it was the Energizer bunny seizure. As soon as it was over, Dom took a deep breath, coughed and passed out from exhaustion. Before I would have screamed and cried and ran around the house with him trying to revive him. Today, because there has been so many, I knew better. I knew to let him sleep. I know because I have been told that having a bad seizure is equivalent to your body running a triathlon. I got up and got Dominic some Tylenol, because now I know that having a bad seizure like this is going to almost guarantee a severe headache and maybe some muscle aches.

Dominic slept for a while but then kept waking himself up having more seizures, the smaller myaclonic type, the head-drop kind. By 9:30 a.m. he had at least 30 smaller seizures.

Never before did I ever imagine that I would become an almost expert on Epilepsy. I feel like I’ve gotten a crash course in seizures over the last 4 months. Who would have thought epilepsy.com would become one of my favorite websites. Now I use words like Electroencephalogram (EEG) , cortex, post-ictal, Atonic, Myoclonic, and Tonic-Clonic in my daily vocabulary. Although the Doodle has only been having seizures since January, it feels like a lifetime. I cannot envision a life like this for Dominic.

As a parent you want nothing more than your children to grow up happy and healthy; but mostly Healthy. People don’t realize what a serious and disabling disease Epilepsy is. I never gave two shits about it before all this; yet it affects more than 2 million people. It affects my beautiful baby and my heart breaks silently a little more with each seizure.

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