Progress or Hopeful Thinking?

I'm happy to say that the Doodle is two days seizure free. Could the new medicine be working already? I'm going to remain hopeful.

Grammy and Jim took turns watching Dominic today so I could have some friends over for a scrapbooking day and Birthday lunch for my favorite cousin, Deanne. The one I used to lock out of the house naked and who I blamed spilled chocolate milk on our white shag rug when she didn't. We ate. A lot. And scrapped. A lot.

But most importantly, today was a big day for Dominic. He learned how to peddle his bike! Before he would sit on it but couldn't get his feet to peddle to make the bike go--now he peddles all around. I'm so excited that his little noggin is cooperating with his feet and that he can do this. Might not sound like much, but for Dominic this is HUGE.

The stupid cat got out today. She's still in heat and climbed through one of the holes she tore in our screen door. I hope she's happy now; probably knocked up. Little whore.

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