Interesting Article: A Genetic Clue to Why Autism Affects Boys More

The doorbell rang today and it was a Bear. Not a real Bear of course but a stuffed Bear for Dommy. He gets pretty excited when the doorbell rings because he knows it's usually for him. Usually it's his Angel Betsy. Today it was a cute stuffed Build A Bear Workshop Teddy and was just the thing to brighten his (and my) day; although he refused to cooperate and take a picture with it. He'd rather push the bear around in his shopping cart. Thank you Doug and Tabatha. That was very sweet:)

And, thank you Tabatha for sending me the following article. You can now add Genetic Research to my online fast-track education in learning more about Autism and Epilepsy. While at Stanford they took blood from the Doodle to do some Genetic Testing. We're still waiting for the results but in the meantime I am researching my brains out on genes and chromosomes. Here is a short and interesting article to read from Time:

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