When Life Gives You Lemons...

...you make an amazing lemon cheesecake and eat as much as you can and tell Jenny Craig to go screw herself.

I called in sick to my Jenny Craig weigh-in today. I don't know why I tried to sound really sick, by adding an extra cough here and there, it's not like I was going to get fired. But, I was really bad this weekend at my scrapbook retreat and I ate things I had no business eating or even looking at like pizza, pasta, red liquorish, deli sandwich and popcorn just to name a few things not on my diet.

With the current stress level in the house these days because of Dominic's seizure condition worsening, it's unbelievable I do not weigh 500 pounds.

Speaking of the Doodle Bug--he's continuing to have the mycolonic head-drop seizures. He has so many through out the day, I've lost count. They start in the morning while he is laying in bed, minding his own business watching Dora the Explorer and he has them laying down. Laying down is no big deal, because he is safe and laying down. I know he is having one because each time he sucks in a big breath and then his body stiffens for a moment. These seizures the Doctor tells me are the hardest to control. "Really" I said, "Because we haven't been exactly controlling the Big Grand Mal seizures either". So, what the hell does this mean? Against every fiber in my over-weight body, he wants me to put him on Depakote--the ant-seizure medicine that can cause Liver Damage with one dose. Hmmmm.

I used to look forward to sleeping and going to bed. Now I dread it, because that is when he always has the grand mal seizures. I sleep with one eye open. But now, the real stress begins when it is time for Dominic to get up. For obvious reasons, including my job, I cannot sit and hold him all day and night in bed. He doesn't understand why he keeps falling down and besides the bumps, bruises and head injuries he's just been sustaining, he gets really scared when one of the falls happens. He'll be standing there and then, BOOM. He goes down. Fast and Hard. The fact that we have tile throughout the house is not helping either.

Last Thursday he was standing next to me and in one instant fell backward so hard onto his head I thought for sure I was going to find a cracked and bloody skull. He fell and I heard a splat! I looked down and he was laying there not quite crying yet. I freaked out, called the Doctor and insisted on getting him a Cat Scan. After the Natasha Richardson freak-ski-accident where she hit her head and then 6 hours later died, I was not going to take any chances.

Dom was in such pain that he cried for two hours off and on until our Cat Scan appointment. The knot on the back of his head was enormous, the size of a small grape fruit.

Now, he has to wear a helmet anytime he is down or walking anywhere.

I took him to the hospital and this time they would not let me stand next to him in the Cat Scan room. They scooped him out of my arms and said I had to wait outside. Although familiar with the hospital now, he immediately began screaming. Before they shut the door, I saw the technician reach for a roll of masking tape and I heard the ripping sound of tape. I know that their head has to be held perfectly still for this xray but come on, could they make matters any worse? They told me it would be a minute. 10 minutes later, after the screams got worse and worse, I tried the door to the room, but it was locked. I could not get in. Safety first I guess. I sat on the floor in the hallway and sobbed into my shirt. I wanted so badly to help him or make him feel better and I couldn't. The Doodle had to be terrified.

Finally, I heard them removing the masking tape...and then I was let in. With red marks on his forehead from the tape, he was happy to see me, but completely freaked out. He was so upset that he had pooped his pants in there. "Good for you", I thought to myself, "that will show them". I've never been so glad it was a really stinky one. I demanded a diaper and proceeded to change him there in the room. Not any amount of Lysol or Pot Pourie was going to get the stench out of the Cat Scan room.

I say, Never underestimate the power of Poo.

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