Counting My Blessings

As much as I worry about the Doodle and his health and development, I have to stop myself sometimes and count my blessings. I hate for this blog to turn into one of my Bitch sessions, and I hate sounding like my life sucks. It just sucks right now.

I am grateful to have my two amazing boys, even though one is going through a lot of crap right now. I have to believe this is a temporary set-back. I am blessed to be raising and shaping such a considerate and polite little 9 year old. Every day when I pick Jimmy up from school the first thing he says to me is, “How is Dominic doing today”?

I told Jimmy today, if ever I seem like I do not care about the little things he is going through at school or otherwise, it is not the case. I care a lot. I told him I would try to be more present for him. He looked at me with those big almond-shaped brown eyes and told me, “It’s ok mom, I know you love me”.

With so much focus being on Dominic, I would hate for Jimmy to ever feel like he was second. Dominic takes so much more of my time and energy, sometimes I don’t feel like I have much left to give to Jimmy.

Jimmy is a wonderful big brother to the Doodle Bug; even on Dom’s hardest days. It's hard to be a sibling of a special needs child. Jimmy is patient, loving and kind and I couldn't ask for much more from him.

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