Canine Companion

There's been a lot of talk about dogs and their ability to detect seizures in our world of Eplilepsy...they say it's possible but not always guaranteed.  Either the dog can be trained to recognize a convulsion or grand mal seizure and bark to get help--or some dogs are so in-tune with their person that they can detect the seizure as it is coming on or before it has actually occurred from their sixth sense and ability to sense the chemical/electromagnetic reaction in the brain of the person having the seizure.  Either way, we have been on a list to receive a special Canine Companion, but since there are no guarantees on what the dog can or can't do, I didn't want the huge expense of buying a Canine Companion, so we were on a list for a "release" dog--a former Canine Companion dog who has been trained who may have been released for various reasons.

We got really lucky--and were give the opportunity to adopt Jaba, an 8 year old black lab/golden retriever mix.  He is the absolute sweetest dog I have ever been around and is super gentle with the Doodle.  He is well behaved, knows almost 100 commands, potty trained, etc.  He loves to cuddle and is already a huge part of our family.  The Doodle actually is engaged by him and loves to throw his toy. The Doodle also likes Jaba's dog bed for some reason and likes to hang out and watch tv in there....

Jimmy loves him too and has been taking really good care of him.  Even big Jim is a skeptical as he was at first to try another dog.

Jaba was released and retired because his disabled owner that he had for years thought she was feeding him and giving him water but was not...and he got really sick and lost over 20 pounds.  The Canine Companion people took him back, nursed him back to health and retired him from service.

Jaba is the perfect dog for us....almost too good to be true.

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