Bon Fires, Cuddly Pajamas and Angels

It was a nice, cool night tonight and Jim was home so after some catch in the backyard, he and Jimmy built a big fire in the fire pit.  Hopefully today was not a NO BURN day.  We had our crispy Christmas tree and some scrap wood to get rid of, the only thing missing were S'mores.  The Doodle loved being outside, watching the fire. (still can't figure out how to remove the damn date setting in the camera--because it is way off!)

Don't get freaked out when I mention this--and I know there are skeptics out there who will not even consider what I'm about to point out.  But, every so often, there are unexplainable orbs in our photographs.  You might say it's just a strange reflection caused by the flash, etc.  And sure that is all possible...but what if there was no flash?  In the 3rd picture above, toward the top right of the slider in the photo, can you see the perfect sphere of light?  No it is not the moon.

Consider for a moment that the circles you see here in these pictures are perhaps a spirit or an angel.  What if?  Jim took about 10 pictures tonight from different angles and from different perspectives and from different sides of the house and in at least 8 of the pictures appear an orb (or two or three).  The orbs are not in the same exact spot, they move around and their size varies as well. Can you see them?

Out of pure curiosity, I googled "sphere of light in photos".  It's a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE phenomenon.  There are thousands upon thousands of articles written from all kinds of different people about these strange balls of light that appear in photographs.  They are called orbs, angels, ghosts and spirits.  Wow.  Go ahead if you don't believe me.  Google it.  I double dog dare you.  You will get a little freaked out.  I like to believe that they are spirits.  I like to believe that they are people we lost and loved that are hanging around looking after us.  Jim's parents maybe?  Or my brother Tony?  Or his sister Jeanne?  Maybe my grandparents just popping in to say hi--the only way they can.  In the form of a ball of light.

Whatever these spectacular balls of light are, they're really cool.  And what's weird is that you can take pictures, one right after another without moving and they appear in only some.  Go ahead, give me a perfectly logical mathematical or scientific explanation as to a what they are, but I will continue to believe that they are our relatives checking in for a little visit.

Do you believe?

On a lighter, less-freakish note, the Doodle was nice and cuddly in his new pajamas tonight.  And I love it when he can tolerate his brother and cuddle while watching cartoons.  Jimmy is the best big brother he could ask for.

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