What I'm Reading

There's a reason for everything, right?  Yet, I struggle every day with wondering why. If I could just understand the reason, it would make this easier.

I'm still trying to find the hidden blessings in the autism--and come to terms with it.  I'll be honest. I can't always see the positive aspects and "blessings" of this disorder.  Maybe reading this will help me open my mind and understand why other people can see the Good in autism when I want to be rid of it.

We are still nonverbal - completely.

We still have behavior and OCD issues.

We still have seizure activity.

But, we still have hope.


  1. Hi! I hope the book is encouraging. The blessings in the book are blessing for our ASD kids. I do believe God has a tremendous heart for kids with autism. Love to hear your comments!

  2. ((((hugs)))) I believe that there is good in everything. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't give my everything to be rid of it just that I have finally learned to live with the sucky hand that I have been dealt. I'll have to check out the book.