It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Finally picked up our Christmas Tree tonight.  I just love the smell of a fresh tree.  The Doodle loved picking out the tree and running around with the tree cart in the mud but he had no interest in decorating it.  He'd rather take the ornaments off the tree then put them on it.

Jimmy can be such a good brother when he wants to be and it amazes me how fickle the Doodle is with him.  Sometimes he loves him, sometimes he wants nothing to do with him.  It's the moments when he accepts him that I love it when the camera is handy.

This will be an interesting holiday.  I'm not sure what the Doodle Bug will think of presents and the holiday festivities this year or how many ornaments he will throw on the floor.  But true to autism form, behavior will be unpredictable and trying; yet completely expected.

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