Halloween and Jimmy's Birthday Party

Jimmy turned 11 this year and since his birthday is the day before Halloween and it was on a Saturday we decided to do a Haunted House Halloween costume party. Jimmy had a great time, a lot of  kids from school came.  We had a DJ and there was lots of dancing!  We had games and a costume contest and some really creepy and creative food.  I was a witch, Jimmy was part Jason from Friday the 13th minus any weapons and mask, the Doodle was a skeleton and my husband, Jim, well, since he left the party, he was the Invisible Man.

Now for the cliches...
We scared up a good time.
We got our ghoul on.
It was spooktacular.
The decorations were to die for.
There were lots of little Monsters running around.
It was a real scream.
I could go on and on, but I'll post a few pictures instead.

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  1. are you serious?!! That is so cool! Will you be my mom?