Finding the Fun in the Dysfunction of Autism

Who says the quirky world of autism can't be fun?  Although, you must look very hard and it's not always pretty; it's there sometimes.

We found a few more things the Doodle Bug loves over the last couple of weeks besides carts, Doritos and running away from us.  He loves forts, flashlights and gloves.

We (Jimmy and I) built him an old fashioned fort made out of blankets artfully tied to chairs and tucked under things. He loved it!  He did his trade-mark high pitch screech which is his stamp of approval and patted the spot next to him, which means get in here next to me. Now.

We got pillows and laid down with him and then Jim brought him in a tiny little flashlight which completely made the experience off the charts fun for him.  He was really happy, entertained and for the most part having a normal, 4 year old little boy moment of pure joy playing in a fort.

Not having much fort building experience, it wasn't long before the fort came crumbling down.  Even though we had been playing in there for a couple of hours, we had an upset Doodle.  But, a few years ago Papa Steve gave Jimmy a pup tent so Jim got it out and put it up.  The Doodle loves it!  You don't see many pup tents in Master Bedrooms but that's OK, it's us, putting the fun in dys-fun-ctional.

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