Ever since the Doodle got this blue muscle push car for his birthday, he's been a little obsessed with wanting to get pushed around in it...inside.  Don't forget, it's got the quiet ride wheels and a seat belt, so Jimmy straps him in and pushes him around.  Everything is fine until Jimmy gets tired and wants to stop.

Stopping for the Doodle is problem and not an easy option.

He has no emotional skills to know how to handle that and he cries and freaks out until we have to physically remove him from the little blue car and stick him in his time out chair with the seat belt; which then gives us time to hide the car from him and to put it back outside.

At first, when we find something that he loves and that makes him happy, I am so excited.  Finally, I think to myself, and then the obsessions set in and then the meltdowns and then I wish we would have never let him like it.

Today I gave Jimmy a couple of bucks to push him around in the little blue car.  He was doing hot laps around the island with him when all of a sudden his head hit the dash.  The first thing I thought was, OH NO, a head-drop seizure, but then I realized he had just fallen asleep.  Jimmy wore him out.

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