What a Display

And I'm not just talking about the fireworks.

We did it. We gave it our best shot but it's more of a production, or should I say spectacle, just getting the kids in the car and driving to the fireworks display, then the actual display itself. Roads were closed and patience was not a virtue. There was hardly anywhere to park, we couldn't meet my cousin and her family because we were so late and the streets were so packed with cars, so we parked down a private lane in Windsor and attempted to watch the fireworks from there.

You never know with the Doodle; sometimes he'll surprise us and bust out a normal card and play it. Tonight was not one of his better nights. He watched them and seemed half way interested but I think they might have scared him or even been too loud. He wanted to leave and after 5 minutes he was doing the sign for "all done". He thinks when he wants something he has to give us a kiss, so he kept on kissing Jim until we could leave. Part of the problem is that he loves to go for rides in the Jeep Wrangler--he got a little irritated when we stopped the car to get out.

Jimmy was a little bummed. He wanted to hang out with his cousins; maybe next year right?

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