The Trade In

Goodbye Pinky, Hello Mr. Blue
Nurse LuLu
Somebody's going to be four years old this weekend!  Grammy and Papa gave the Doodle a shiney new blue car with about 5 inches more leg room than the pink car he's been driving around town.  That pink car has hundreds of miles on it and it was, well, time to retire it and trade it in.  Now, we won't get so many stares (oh who am I kidding?) as when I'm pushing the Doodle around in the pink one.  Half the problem was the color and the other half was how very loud it was.  No, it didn't have an engine, but the wheels were so loud you could barely walk and carry on a casual conversation while pushing it, especially on pavement.  The new blue car has a fancy horn and quiet ride wheels.  So it was a definite upgrade and the Doodle couldn't be happier.

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