Diversions and the Garden Hose

Jim describes living with autism like trying to plug up a leak in a garden hose. You plug up one hole and the water will shoot out somewhere else.

How do you get a melting down autistic boy with OCD to stop obsessing about something? Easy. You divert his attention away and give him something else to OCD about.

When the Doodle is going nuts and is on his 9th bag of Doritos and 2nd jar of salsa, we tell him he gets to pick out a DVD and then after he has picked out nineteen DVD's and each time you put one in the machine and start it and he screams his version of NO at you, and you just can't take anymore then you take him outside to play with one of his carts. When he throws a giant fit outside and runs away and doesn't want to come in, we tell him he's going to take a bath. How then do we get him out of the tub since he doesn't want to get out of the tub? Hmmm. I guess I should have thought through a little better because he's still in there. I know, I'll entice him into getting out of the tub with a bag of...Doritos.

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