Lloyd Christmas

One of my favorite stupid movies is Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carey; so imagine my surprise when our Nurse came over today and commented on the Doodle's botched hair cut. She referred to him as Lloyd Christmas...I looked at him and instantly saw the resemblance. Then I laughed a nervous little laugh. She was right.
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Jim thinks I'm trying to make the special kid look even more special, but honestly, he hates to get his hair cut and he won't sit still and this is what you get. I didn't make him look like Lloyd Christmas on purpose. Taking him to a professional is not an option. He would freak out. I'm thinking of investing in one of these:

The enterprising me would like to invent something similar to this but that has a stealth/silent mode for autistic kids so that they don't freak out. Frankly, I hate getting near his little head with a sharp pair of scissors.

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