2 More Days

Just two more days of Pre-school Summer School left. Then I will have two kids home all day to bring chaos to my mornings. The good news is Jimmy sleeps in until 11:00. The Doodle is going to miss his routine and I hope he doesn't get too out of sync about it.

At home, we don't have a lot of routine--it's more free play, destroy time and mind games for control while OCDing. Lately his OCD focus has been on Cool Ranch Doritos and Salsa. We put a lock on the pantry and tie the refrigerator closed with a highly technical security lock that resembles a purple satin ribbon. Too bad he couldn't be compulsive about fruit or drinking water; something a little healthier for him.

One thing I can be sure of, there will be plenty of time for TIME OUTS.

School starts again on August 16th. He'll be going to a new school, new class, with a new teacher, new bus driver, new bus, new Shape Aid and new hours. That's a lot of new for a child with severe transition issues. With fingers crossed, I will hope for the best.

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  1. Between him and Peyton, teacher Laura is going to have her hands full. BTW...I was told school started on the 18th...but not official. I hope we survive this next month.