Looks Like a Good Weekend for ...

  • Sunshine
  • Sleeping in
  • Coffee in bed
  • Doing laundry
  • Putting on a bra
  • Buying Jimmy a new bike
  • Picking things up that the Doodle has thrown out the front door
  • BBQing burgers and hot dogs
  • Painting some junk
  • Buying some plants
  • Ripping my stupid acrylic nails off one at a time
  • Cleaning my closet
  • Making really tiny chocolate chip cookies
  • Buying some more junk at garage saleswith my mom
  • Getting ready for my brother's funeral next weekend, will I ever really be ready for that
  • Actually try to write a new post. Sorry bloggies, I've been in a funk and I'm feeling like I don't have anything new or interesting to say...

So, here it is...really ground breaking, edge of your seat stuff going on with us.

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