Back to Almost Normal

The Doodle is happy. He is back in school, summer school for five weeks and he has mommy back. No more birthday parties or funerals to organize. Nothing to plan right now, no house guests, nothing to create--no invitations, programs, slideshows, favors or pasta salads to make. Just work and a bored 10 year old and over-stimulated and indulged autistic 3 year old for the summer to contend with. I'm not complaining at all, the break from doing stuff feels nice although I feel like I should be making something and completing a task. Maybe I'll finally clean out the refrigerator and get rid of some of the pasta with green sauce and I'm not talking Pesto's mold. There I said it.

We had my brother Tony's son, Anthony, here Saturday night and last night--he was in town for the funeral service and to visit. Saturday night, Jimmy had a sleepover with his cousins. They had the best time, they stayed up until 4:00 am being kids who were told to go to sleep at midnight. I was happy though, no drama and they all got along really well. Jordan, the one on the end with the guitar is my aunt Carol and uncle Charles' 16 year old son and is a really cool kid. I can't believe what a respectful, thoughtful, compassionate and smart son they have at 16. I can only hope that Jimmy will follow in his footsteps.

(left to right: Angelica, Jimmy, Anthony, Jordan)

My nephew Anthony is very talented musician at just 14 years old. Saturday night he went and "jammed" with my Uncle Jimmy's Rock Band, Amnesia--they had a rehearsal and had him sit in and play the guitar with them. It was really cool to watch him play with my Uncle. Last night, he gave us an impromptu concert in the living room. He played his guitar and also played some songs on the piano. He happened to play this song on the piano (this one right here) that is playing now and did a great job. It's one of my favorites, My Immortal by Evanescence. My brother Tony would be really proud of him.

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