We're Back

Hello bloggies. Did you miss us? I think it's going to take a little time to get back in the swing of blogging. Been busy going on with life as usual. My Notary commission is expiring, so with all the new laws and rules out there, they make you retake not only the test but you have to take a mandatory class now too. Then the test is only 30 questions, multiple choice but since it's a State Test, it's like taking a DMV test. They word the questions just so to see if you're paying attention. They change one tiny little detail and phrase the question in a way where you can't fake it. I might be taking that class again soon.
Update on the Doodle. We got a new chanel changer and won't let him play with it so he had to give up and move on to bigger and better things to OCD about. It's like plugging up a leaking hose--it will just spring a leak somewhere else. Now he insists on opening our front doors and throwing random things outside on the porch. He used to do this a little bit, every once in a while, but now it's progressed into a full on obsession. He gets such satisfaction after he does it. It's almost uncontrollable.
Now we have to figure out another way to lock them. He can easily reach the lock...the doors are metal and it's hard to figure out a way to put a lock up higher on them without drilling into the metal and making a mess. He's always had an obsession with doors. Last year it was the sliding glass doors. We put tension rods up high in them now, so he can't open them. It's just not fun when it's hot outside and you want to open a slider and get some fresh air inside and you can't.
Allergy season is here. Every year they are worse for me. I get hayfever pretty bad and my eyes swell up and itch and I can't breathe through my nose so my lips get all chapped. I'm a real beauty. Add the haircut and I should just stay in bed until around August when this clears up...
Mother's Day was pretty tough for my mom. We're all still processing the fact that my little brother is gone. Forever. His obituary ran in Sunday's paper. Jimmy has been asking me a ton of questions about death and cremation and the funeral. This is the first person he has ever lost. He told me the other day, "Tony was my closest uncle".

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