Confessions of a Bad Mom

Everyday I make mistakes with the kids. Mistakes I'm not proud of. I keep waiting for it to get easier, this thing we call parenting. Not just with the Epileptic, Autistic, NonVerbal Toddler but with the over-indulged 10 year old especially. I'm constantly threatening him with things I never follow through on.
"That's it, no more TV for the rest of the night" and then I ask him later if he could please turn the tv up because I can't hear it over the
Doodle's screaming.
I count Frito's Corn Chips as a serving of vegetables because they do have corn in them.
I don't count words like: crap, damn and ass as bad words because I've heard them said on network television.
I forgot Jimmy at school the other day and then when my phone rang and I didn't recognize the number, I hit IGNORE. It was the school calling to tell me I forgot my son.
Today I found myself giving the Doodle the Shoe Box filled with dvds so that I could have 10 minutes of peace and quiet.
I actually told the Doodle, "Go tell Grandma she wants you."
Yesterday I sat and watched as he ripped one of his books to shreds because I didn't feel like yelling at him or giving him another Time Out.
Sometimes when I'm trying to read a book to the Doodle, I skip bad is that?
The "Behaviorist" would be putting me in one of his reports for this. I'm half the problem.
Then I remembered that screwing up your children will make them much more interesting adults.

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  1. That's ok. I'm a terrible parent, so I get it. "Oh, go ahead and throw my Mom's beloved Hummel on the floor, I just smacked your ass for flushing the toilet 20 times, so Mommy's hand hurts."
    ;-) Btw, I think Fritos is a serving of vegetables, at least in my house they are, too! I feel like I am on a roller coaster that is NEVER GOING TO END!!!!!!!