Practicing on the Potty

Not a lot going on in the potty training department...The Doodle used to scream when we would put him near or on the potty. We're to the point now where he will sit calmly and laugh and not freak out.
He still doesn't like it to have his pants off. It must be the cold plastic hitting his warm bottom. I might have to invest in a seat warmer.
He's got a Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues potty insert and also the kind of little potty chair that sits on the ground.
I have books that show and talk about potty training but he's not interested. I even have a potty training video but unless it's one of the Wonder Pets or the Backyardigans he's probably not going to be interested in watching it.

Next week I hope to get him to take his pants off and get used to that.
Baby steps.

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