My Small Claims Court Appeal Ruling...

Two posts in one day? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
Just as I had suspected; ruling for the Plaintiff. (Dr. Julie Griffith, San Rafael, CA)

Just got our ruling in the mail today and the Judge has ordered me to pay the unethical Dr. Julie Griffith, San Rafael, CA the sum of $1260. Not a surprise since he made it really clear this court date wasn't about who lied, misdiagnosed, over prescribed medicine, showed poor ethical behavior, had ridiculous billing practices; was insane, shady, grandiose, mislead patients, money-grubbing, fraudulent, and gave other DAN! Doctors a bad name.

The judge did not include a written reason or decision which kind of bums me out. He said nothing. No explanation at all. He must have seen some dishonesty or delusion in her character because he was nice enough to knock $500 off my bill. Gee. Thanks. I guess he felt like maybe alarming the parent of a two year old unnecessarily and diagnosing her son with a severe brain malformation and then talking about an untrue diagnosis of Dandy Walker for 2 hours might seem a little excessive and calculating; even on the brilliant Dr. Julie Griffith's clock. (insert big court room outburst sigh here)

Will I pay her? Yes. But only because of this terrific legal binding court order to do so. But unfortunately, since all of my money is tied up in change and we have real doctor bills received from real doctors who provide actual medical care instead of taking the patient on a trip to Never-Never Fantasy Land, she is going to have to accept payments in the form of maybe $10 a month for 129 months or so. What's 10 years or so between adversaries?

The only good thing from all of this is that I now have even more ammunition to take this doctor down...with the former patients that have since come forward and because we now have PROOF of Dr. Julie Griffith's misconduct to take to a very different venue so that she can be held accountable for being the FRAUD that she is.

The way this Doctor has behaved will surely raise some eyebrows at the State Medical Board and also at the Federal level.

Still waiting for a silver lining on this one. I guess it has taught me not to be so trusting of someone just because they have a degree on their wall and claim to be a Doctor. Next time I will thoroughly check out a physician before I make an appointment. Next time I will pay better attention to the RED FLAGS such as how many reputable doctors are literally working out of their living room and refusing to bill insurance. Hmmmm.
It's clear that Dr. Julie Griffith, San Rafael, CA is card-carrying member of the Liar's Club...Stay tuned. I'm in this one for the long haul. I will take this as far as I can until I can get some justice.

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  1. So sorry that justice was denied! How unfair!

    On another note,I came across the info for the clinic that Bradstreet does in CA. We use his office here in Fl. Here's the info,
    IHC Centers for Autism