Preparing Our Case

Stressing out and preparing our case for small claims court this Friday. I guess we don't find out the judges ruling on Friday, they let you know their decision some time after the hearing--which will be more stress.

$1687 to Dr. Julie Griffith, A D.A.N. Doctor (Defeat Autism Now) for an alleged "consultation" where this "doctor" decides to tell me the Doodle is not autistic, might have Lyme disease and diagnoses him with Dandy Walker, a serious malformation of the brain by looking at the same exact MRI that two other neurologists had looked at and said was Normal. She waits until the end of the hour consultation to tell me this--so that I am distraught enough and crying, thinking she just cracked the case with the autism and seizure disorder--and now my son might die.
So she continued the "consultation" and then proceeded to charge me $500 per hour for the additional two hours she went over. She never even gave the Doodle a full physical examination, which the consult was supposed to include. We were also supposed to get testing done on the Doodle for vitamin deficiencies, metals, toxins, food allergies, yeast build up, etc. No tests were done. I was sent away with a brown grocery bag full of lab tests to send off in the mail to various States--including all the paperwork.

This crack pot of a Doctor also prescribed the Doodle two very severe anti-seizure medications on top of the two that he was already on. When he had an adverse reaction to the drugs several days later, after our consultation, she refused to come to the phone to talk to me about it unless I gave a credit card and paid her $400 per hour for a phone appointment first. I should mention, coincidentally, it wasn't until she prescribed him these new drugs and had the bad reaction--which triggered and was the begin of his head drop seizures.

After I found out she misdiagnosed the Doodle with Dandy Walker in an attempt to alarm me and coerce me into returning for future appointments at $500 per hour, I fired her, stopped payment on the credit card and reported her to the California Medical Board.

So we had to prove our case to the credit card company and justify why we stopped payment on the $1687 consultation and we won our case with them. They reversed the charges. Now, this delusional, unethical "doctor" wants her money because she is insisting she provided medical care...when she never did. But there is still a chance that the judge will rule in her favor and that is a little stressful.

I've talked with another mom who had a bad experience with this same doctor, who also was misdiagnosed and who said she would write me a letter.

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