Almost There

Holiday Boutique...done

Christmas cards...done

Christmas shopping...done

Disneyland Pictures downloaded and picked up...done

Regrettable Christmas sweaters for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Christmas Eve...done

Favors and Craft Project for Jimmy's 4th grade party on Friday...done

Shutterfly Picture Books...done

Losing sleep over this Friday's small claims court...done

I go a little nuts around the holidays and it seems like I'm going in fifty different directions. But now that everything is done and checked off I can breathe and relax and I have more time to devote to this little guy, who I think has been feeling a bit neglected lately. I've been racking my brain trying to think of something good to get the Doodle, but then I realized what he needs most is ME. All of me.

So, we're almost there. Just 10 days left before Christmas.

All we need to do is get our rained last weekend and it was the last day of my sale on Sunday so we're a little behind. Usually, by now, my carpet is littered with thousands of pine needles because we used to get our tree Thanksgiving weekend. School is out for both kids after this Friday and my office will be closed from the 23rd to the I will have lots of time to spend with the kids doing a lot of nothing and having to be no where.

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