Oh. Christmas Tree.

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Tonight was our big night. We finally got our tree. This is the latest we've ever gotten a tree before, usually by now our tree is so crispy we can't leave the lights turned on it for more than 20 minutes at a time.

But this has been a crazy time. So, crazy in fact, that I don't even want to talk about it. I did something so incredibly lame today that I still can't believe I did. I did something you usually only see in bad movies.

My big court date in Marin that I have been anxious about and preparing for...well. I got up at 6:00 am and took a shower and got ready, and my mom and Jerry got ready too. We got in the car and while driving down the driveway on our way to the court house for small claims court, I glanced at my paperwork. Hmmmm, I thought. That's odd. It says the 17th at 8:30 am and I could have sworn today (Friday) was the 18th.

Holy Crap! All of the color left my face and I felt like I might throw up. My court date was YESTERDAY. I wrote down the wrong date on my outlook and wall calendars. This whole time I had been thinking it was on Friday, the 18th. Nope. It was Thursday the 17th. I've been telling everyone it was today. Who does that?

I took today off. I had to arrange for the nurse for 9 hours. I thought I was going to miss Jimmy's classroom holiday party and I'm supposed to be the room mom...turns out I completely blew this. If there was an award for stupid, I would have just won first place.

The worst part is, I know we have a great case. Dr. Griffith shouldn't be allowed to get away and win this thing by default because I screwed up the date. The truth is, I have a lot going on. Not to make any excuses but working full time and dealing with the Doodle and managing his schedule and staff is sometimes overwhelming. Staff? Seems like it. Every day he has appointments for therapies and nursing and preschool and his Shape program. Saturday and Sundays are the only days we don't have something scheduled. Then there's Jimmy and his busy schedule too.

So I blew it and I'm just sick about it. It's not just about the $1687 this Fraud of a Doctor (Dr. Griffith) has tried to extort from us for what is laughable that she actually believes she provided "medical care" to the Doodle, it's now about principle. You cannot, as a doctor, make that many mistakes with medication and mis-diagnosis and still expect to be paid for what was supposed to be a one hour consultation.

While at the courthouse today, we filed a motion to be heard and hopefully I will get a second chance to present our case. We have to see what the judge says.

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  1. I have totally screwed up like that too! Here's praying that the judge is fair and reasonable to allow a new hearing.