Moments in Time

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This is the first year I think the Doodle knows something is up. He is showing an interest in things like the lights and the Christmas tree we put up and decorated today. He helped out a little bit and put some ornanments on the tree, including two special ornaments that he made at preschool. I can say, where's the tree and he happily points to it. He knows what Santa looks like. He's been poking around in the presents too. Kind of shaking them and beginning to tear the paper on some of them. He's not the least freaked out by my collection of Santas either.

He was an in an unusually good and cooperative mood when we were putting ornaments on the tree and actually wanted me to take pictures of him. Of course I had my camera at the ready and jumped all over that. Jim, unfortunately, had to go to a funeral today. One of the owners of the company he works for was in a freak plane accident--when it colided with a glider. So sad. He was young and he had a wife and kids. It goes to show that you just never know. Jim told me some of the stories that people got up and told about him were incredible. He was a good man with a huge heart. I wish I could have met him. Just one more reason to cherish these moments we have here. Together.

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