What's the Alternative?

See this giant bottle of pills?

The Doodle has to take 6 of these Depakote capsules each day. Every month we go thorough a giant bottle just like this one. And, he takes another anti-seizure medicine called Keppra which is much easier to give because it's in liquid form.

Every day, twice a day he gets his meds.

Ever try giving a child medicine they don't want? Now add the component of autism into the equation; kicking, screaming, knocking the medicine out of my hands, spitting it out, gagging and throwing up.

It's primarily my responsibility to give him his medicine. Jim or my mom will do it if they absolutely have to or if for some reason I'm gone during the times he is to receive it. It's a ton of responsibility and it's a production and it's not easy and it's definitely not fun.

I wake up every morning with angst and check the clock to make sure it's not passed his medication time. Every night, I begin checking the clock and I can't wait until 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm comes around so that I can get the evening dose over with. Once he's been given his medicine, I can relax a little bit; at least until morning time anyway.

He hates it.

And, I hate it.

And I feel like I'm poisoning him with all of these hardcore drugs at such a young age. But what's the alternative? We have to do it. Because the uncomfortable few minutes two times a day and the dreadful side effects of this medication is better than him having seizures all day and all night long.


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  1. I'm at the NAA conference and there has been some great research done on autism and seizures. Email me @ progers39@tampabay.rr.com and I will send you my notes. I am sending them to another friend too. You're doing a great job!