Too Tired

Too tired to blog after chasing a little Terminator around the house. He goes from happy and calm to kicking and screaming in a matter of seconds.

Look how nicely he's sitting with his little hands folded in from of him.

From this:

To this:
You can't tell in this picture but he's kicking and screaming and flailing his arms to the point of a tray full of Cheerios going all over the floor. (I need a better camera).

I redirect him. You bet I'm telling him NO!!! But that doesn't matter. I take him out of the chair and while I'm cleaning up Cheerios off the floor he does this:

Then he runs away: Although he can't run that fast with his pants around his ankles.

He's very busy.

He tips things over, mostly furniture.

He turns things off, mostly televisions.

He puts things inside things that shouldn't be, like the washer or the microwave.

He throws things on the ground, pretty much anything he gets his hands on.

He dumps things out, all over the house.

He colors on things, like walls and televisions and refrigerators.

He takes things off, like his pants.

He opens everything he can including the front and back doors and then runs away.

He turns things on, like the bathtub or the dishwasher.

He breaks things on purpose.

He rips the glasses off my face just for fun.

He flushes things down the toilet just for sport.

He knows right from wrong. I'm convinced he seriously can't control himself.

Our cute, sweet little Doodle Bug has gone off the deep end and has taken his mommy with him. Welcome to my world of Autism.

Hope you're having a nice and relaxing Sunday. You know what I'll be doing today...

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