Some Light Reading

My day is trying to figure out what the heck the Doodle wants. It's become a game of charades that doesn't end so well.
I'm thinking about bringing this book with me to Disneyland for some light and enlightening reading. Oh but, wouldn't it be nice if reading this book could make it all better? Let's see, as I type this I have a possessed Doodle Bug laying on the bed next to me determined to take his pajamas off. We have to put him in one piece zip up the front footy pjs because he's really into putting his hand down his pants right now. He puts his hand in pants and gets his diaper all out of whack and then we have pee everywhere. So as I type this, he is determined to unzip his pajamas and get them off. All day, maybe out of pure boredom, he takes his clothes off and all day I'm chasing a naked Doodle around the house putting them back on him. He's even outsmarted overalls.
Earlier tonight he threw Papa Jerry's hamburger and fries on the ground. We've had maybe 10 throw himself to the ground temper tantrums today. I just walk away and ignore him when he does that but then he gets mad, starts huffing and puffing and then throws anything in his path on the ground. Then he gets a time out--locked in his swing until he can cool off or he forgets about it.
So now, as he thrashes around the bed, refusing to go to sleep and kicking the computer (I can see this is going to be a short post) I am getting more and irritated. It's bad enough I have to sit and watch episode after episode of Wow Wow Wubzy and that stupid Upside Down Show. I would love to call Super Nanny or Nanny 911 and have her come out and have a battle of wits with the Doodle. I think it would be really something to watch her try to fix some of these autistic related behavior issues.

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