Our Best Day

Every year we go to Muelrath'sPumpkin Patch which is the cutest, tiniest little pumpkin patch just a couple of miles from our house. I love that it is small and not at all crowded, even on a Sunday. It's the perfect size pumpkin patch for our family and the people there are so nice. I also love that it is fenced in and safe and the Doodle can run around and play. The ground is completely covered in hay. For the first time since April, we took the Doodle's helmet off and put a padded beanie on him instead and let him run around. I was a bit of a nervous wreck on the inside but is has to seriously SUCK to be a little boy and have to wear that helmet every single day of his life.

So today we had the best afternoon at the pumpkin patch EVER! The Doodle is at the age where he is fascinated with all of the pumpkins and actually knows what they are. He loved everything about it. He loved the corn maze, the haunted hay house, climbing the hay stack and of course pushing the cart around with all of the pumpkins in it. We stayed the perfect amount of time before the Doodle could get too overstimulated and start OCDing on things. For that reason, we skipped the hay ride.

Jimmy had fun too. He's really been wanting to go. I think this might be one of the last years he really wants to go to the pumpkin patch with his family (although, I hope NOT) and gets excited about the pumpkin patch. I'm trying to remember when I stopped wanting to go. He's growing up so fast. Today was one of those moments where I wish I could freeze time. But, I'll have plenty of pictures to scrapbook at my scrapbooking retreat next weekend. Oh. Yes. I am too going.
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