The Family that Eats Together

OK, so you might not be able to tell in this particular picture because of the noticable Pusses on the Family's faces but our family is really loving our new little eating area. Maybe they're just a little irritated that I jumped up to grab the camera or Hamburger Helper isn't their favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world, which I can't imagine why because it does just fine by itself. We've been eating all of our dinners together around a table instead of on the couch or sitting side-by-side at our island/bar.

And in answer to your burning question, Yes the Doodle most certainly is wearing a red cape. Im wearing one too but you can't see it because I'm taking the picture.

Last night Grammy and Papa joined us as for a farewell dinner before their 3 week trip to Greece and Turkey and some other far away places. They can now join us at our table because I just bought 5 chairs to go around the table. Uhm, yes, at a garage sale. Really cute Mexican pine ladder back type of chairs and to find out how much I paid, you'll have to read my other blog, "TAH DAH" : or just click on the chandelier to the right of this blog.

Before anyone starts eating, we have a new tradition to say Grace or a blessing and you can say anything you want as long as there is no profanity and you remember to be thankful for something that day. We go around the table and take turns. The Doodle, as impatient as he is, even puts his little hands together like he's praying.

Speaking of prayers...I think they are working. I hate to even bring it up or even type it because I'm so superstitious about jinxing it, but besides some very strange shakes and screams in the middle of the night, the Doodle has been virtually seizure free for over two weeks. So thank you to everyone who continues to pray for the Doodle and send good wishes our way. It's working!

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  1. You had Hamburger Helper, and we had a delicious lasagna, salad, bread, cookies, wine, etc... What? Does your family know that?