Generous Hearts

Yesterday I was face to face with a man with a Giant Heart. My mom's friend Wayne from Conklin Brothers had heard about the Doodle's seizures and our struggle with what to do with our tile floor in an effort to keep the Doodle safe. Since the future of the Doodle's seizure disorder is so unclear, whether or not we will be successful at getting the seizures under control, we are in a Catch 22 whether or not to completely carpet over the tile...

The Doodle is pretty contained to only our few carpeted rooms in our house. He loves, more than anything, to run around but when he's having multiple unforcasted seizures it's too dangerous for when he falls. If at some point the Doodle is to have to go into a wheel chair or walker then carpet won't be a good thing either and we would have to rip it all out.


So, Wayne at Conklin Brothers was nice enough to donate some large pieces of carpet to our family. I'm having the pieces bound and we will put them in the Doodle traffic areas of our house so that he can run around a little more.

Thanks Wayne. Giving us this carpet was a true act of kindness and generosity. Love, the Doodle and his family.

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