What Matters to Me

A safe and sleeping Doodle.

Knowing that my family knows how much I love them.

Laughing so hard you can't stop.

Good, quality, caring medical care.

Living an abundant life.

Gratitude for the good.

Adding that finishing touch or special detail to things.

Finding strength in the darkness.

Honoring holidays and creating traditions.

A good French Roast with no grounds in my cup.

Friends I know I can count on.

Kissing my kids goodnight.

Really, really good chocolate.

Doing something creative every day of my life.

Bargain shopping.

Inspiring books and magazines.

Movies that can move you to tears or make you pee your pants.

Being strong and not taking any crap.

Comfortable shoes and underwear.

Remembering to slow down and take a breath.

Hearing about Jimmy's day.

Not worrying about dirty dishes.

Raising polite kids (I can Dream can't I?)

Lots of hugs.

Family time even if it is only a walk on Garbage Night.

Being constantly amazed by my children.

Doing a good job at work.

Creating beautiful spaces.

Celebrating life, even the challenges.

Praying for health.

Hoping for a cure.

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