Doodle Time

There's nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning with the Doodle even with him breathing his nasty dragon breath in my face.

Unlike the ramped up and restless insomniac he is at bedtime, he's the cutest, coziest and most affectionate when he wakes up. I love the little sounds and coos that he makes, he says ooooooh and ahhhhhhhhh and mmmmmmmmmmmm while hugging me; which I'm sure if he could talk would mean, "Good morning Mommy, I love you now get me some milk".

Then, I tell him not to have any seizures today, kiss him and turn on one of his favorite shows, Dora the Explorer, Diego or Wonder Pets. Laying in bed and cuddling with him and scratching his knee while he watches his show and has his milk is one of my favorite times of the day. Next week it's going to come to a crashing end when he starts preschool. I will be watching cartoons all by myself and forced to scratch my own knee I guess.

Ahhh the butt breath, I'm not sure what we're feeding him to make his breath smell like Jim's feet, maybe it's the Very Vanilla Soy milk or his large amounts of medication he's taking or both. I mentioned it to his doctor and he thinks it might be from the medicine.

We brush his teeth every day. He's been to the dentist. Time for some Doodle breath-defying mints.

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